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How to take a great choice, Even when you have the pile of options


About couple years ago, I was on a business trip to Japan. My work was completed and the flight was late night meaning I had almost half a day to explore the Tokyo city. Being food lover, I wanted to try some Japanese delicacies and hence I reached to this small restaurant cum café near to the hotel I was staying.

As I began looking the menu, it was of several pages. There were so many different categories and sub categories, most items were alien to me as Japanese food wasn’t something I was very familiar that time, and Most of the names were strange and there was no description in the menu what item would taste how.

I felt perplexed. I wanted to taste great japenese delicacies, was already sitting in a restaurant with the menu in my hand and yet had no idea what to do next – what to order.


As I was still trying to guess which item should I order, the waiter came and asked in a difficult to understand Japanese-mixed English accent “What would you like to order, sir”?

“Ah, there are so many items and all the names from the menu are new to me.  don’t know which item is what. Can you suggest/recommend something instead”? I said.

“Sir, we in fact have this special facility for our customers to taste any 3 dishes they want and then choose what they’d like to order. You can tell me what 3 items you would like to taste and I’ll bring those for you to taste and decide your order”, He said. Offering a pen and paper wanting me to write the names of dishes that I wanted to order.


Wow! So I could taste any 3 dishes of my choice, know which one tastes how for free and then order the one I wanted. I did taste 3 dishes of my choice and ordered one that I loved the most.

Had I not been told about this great facility of tasting the food before ordering, not sure what would I have ordered from the pile of strange names. I would have perhaps ended up ordering a not-so-delicious dish and regretted about my choice of going to that restaurant.


What a cool concept! Wonder why don’t the restaurants in India have this.                        I’d surely apply this one if I ever get to open a restaurant.

In fact, it’s not just about restaurants for that matter.   We encounter  with the need of choosing and deciding at every step of our life – While looking at  schedule for the week, while getting dressed every morning, while choosing career,  choosing who to work with, choosing relationships and actually choosing every next moment what things we want and how.

In this age where wardrobes have host of dresses, bookshelves are packed up with books and searching one phrase on google brings millions of results, choosing something has become way more complicated than it might ever been.

Most times, while choosing we find ourselves in the situation where we get plethora of options in front of us and which one to pick therefore gets hell difficult. We often feel stuck and many times, we either just keep on swimming in the pond of choices without picking up any or end up choosing something that leads us to regret.


3 steps to making great choices every time:


Fortunately it’s possible to make a great choice, even if there are loads of options in front of you. You only have to follow this 3-step formula:


Step#1 – Know what and why:

When the waiter told me to choose any 3 dishes from the menu that I could taste for free, I still had the same bewilderment and in fact it mounted as I now had to choose 3 instead of one. While I was scratching my head thinking about what 3 items should I choose to taste, the waiter knew exactly what I’m going through.

“Sir, as all items are new for you, I suggest you first determine which category do you want to have (starter, snacks, main course, beverage, dessert) and you can then even filter the choices down by their prices and descriptions”


How often we know that we’re hungry but do not get to choose whether we want to eat continental, Chinese, Italian, Mexican or something else. We get on the apparel shop and get bogged down by the various dresses hanging there (not knowing which one to choose).


Each time, when you have to make a choice, it’s important to determine what you need (in measureable terms) and why do you need so.

One reason why most people find it difficult to choose is the lack of clarity about their feelings and purpose.

When choosing, ask yourself the following:

-What is the core reason or purpose of taking this choice?

-What exactly do you need in terms of time, distance, form, taste or experience?

-How exactly do you want to feel once you took this choice?


Step#2 – Filter the options:

Once you know the why and what of choice, you’ll find that your target option will automatically start looking much clearly visible to you.  However, it’s important that you filter down the choices and only pick the ones that are aligned with your why and what that you’ve determined.

Answer yourself the following:

-Is the option you’re picking aligned with “What” and “Why”?

-Do you have the required resources for taking this choice? (Knowledge, money, courage ETC)


Step#3 – Make it right

As a famous personality once said, “I don’t believe in taking right decision. I believing in taking decision and then make it right”

No choice that you’ve taken can ever be right if you don’t put belief, trust, faith, love and hard work into it. No matter how much of consideration you’ve done before taking the choice and how  much so ever you thought and  researched about it, you can’t make it right without giving your 100% attention, love, focus and hard work. As long as you can put that in, it literally does not matter what choice you took. Even if you chosen something that you had no resources and no clarity at one point, belief, faith, love and hard work can still make the choice right no matter what.


Apply this formula in all areas of your life, work, business and relationship and the paradigm of your choices as well as results is sure to transform, big way!




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