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How to leave your job and still have an enjoyable life


They never get it right. They call it 9 to 5 and that never happens. Many days  , you don’t even get a free lunch break (either you’re working to cover up deadlines, doing over time or simply working  because of boss’s fear). Even if you got the lunch break, your mind is on the clock, making sure that you don’t reach back to your desk late.

Then there’s overtime (often unpaid) and if you complain about that, there’s someone always keen to take your place and therefore you continue doing the same even if you hate your job.

It’s interesting how so many people keep on fighting entire life to hold jobs they don’t want but fear the alternative worse. People simply empty out. They become the bodies with fearful and obedient minds. The colour leaves the eye. The voice becomes ugly. And the body. The hair. The fingernails. The shoes.

Everything does.

This is almost same everywhere and in most cases is the only way of holding the job which is the source of your daily living.


Imagine if you never had to be stressed about long working hours and overtime. Imagine if your lunchtime was always the most relaxing, palatable and enjoyable time. Imagine you did not have to do the job of worries, pressure and fear.

In today’s cruel world, that’s only possible if you left your job, and that’s what looks impossible because you need money to survive and raise family   after all.

Following are the steps you can take for definitely leave your job and still have an enjoyable life forever.



Get over the fear of boss


It’s just not you alone. For millions of people around the world, whether or not they get to move up the career ladder and make more money depends entirely on the subjective opinion of their “boss”.

Your entire career is in their hands, and what if they don’t like you?

This gets extremely scary for so many and often affects their mental peace, stress levels as well as performance.

The more they get scared, the less productive they get. The less productive they get, the more fear they feel. They end up being stuck in a scary, vicious cycle.

Stop getting scared of your boss. It’s you who has the charge of your life and job, not your boss.

In reality, most bosses respect employees and the people working under them. This is because most bosses know that your performance and the output that you produce is directly co-related with their business goals.

Most bosses respect employees who not only do what is expected of them and then some, but who are strong individuals who are not afraid of them. And looking at it from their perspective, who would you recommend for promotion? The strong, confident employee or the wimp?


Own your work

As the landscape of jobs has moved over the period, many jobs have become responsibility based instead of task based. Think about it.  Whatever that you’re doing, producing or changing is the first measurement of your capabilities and responsibility level. Not in the minds of your bosses, but first, in your own eyes.

Start taking 100% responsibility of what you’re doing. Be the judge of your own output.  Answer yourself.  Are you truly proud of what you produced? If not, what can you do to improve it?

From the smallest to the biggest output you produce, your aim has to be to ensure that it reflects positively on you and your personality.

When you produce truly amazing work every time, you’re sure to step higher on the ladder. You start receiving respect. Not just from fellow employees but from bosses.

Respect, recognition, promotion and positivity replaces stress, fear and negativity. The job does not just remain job anymore. It becomes a self-improvement exercise instead!



Know and give significance to the higher purpose

People fail far too often in the working world because they focus too much on the money they earn at their jobs rather than the higher purpose of what they’re producing can do.

Whether you are a housekeeping staff member or the CEO, every action that you take, everything that you do, talk, behave, perform or produce is ultimately connected with a higher purpose, often which means to satisfy client and make difference in the world.

Don’t take what your boss said too personally and start being mouth maniac.  Don’t cringe or start hating your manager because he told that your last submitted assignment wasn’t up to mark.

Let’s understand that both you as well as your super boss are all ultimately doing same thing – working for the higher purpose. When you know, respect and give significance to the higher purpose instead of personal grudges, fears and inner voice, your entire work does shift far beyond from mediocrity to excellence, leads to client satisfaction and subsequently make you worthy of more money, recognition and flexibility from the employers.

Your entire job shifts from just a job to the higher purpose and that’s where you and your organization grows together in leaps and bounds.


Love or leave


Let’s face it. We do have to take up job at times which we just don’t like. We do find ourselves not fit or just right for what we’re doing at times.

If you can’t love your job, you should not stay a single next moment at it as it’ll hurt both your life as well as organization that you’re working with.

It’s obviously not wise to keep on doing where you don’t enjoy and cannot give your 100% focus, passion, value and performance.

If it’s the job that you don’t enjoy, look around in your organization. Is there a profile that you think you’d have loved? Talk to your employer about it. Look for new opportunity elsewhere and if not, start loving your job.

When you truly love your job, the work becomes passion. It becomes purpose of your life and the stress just vanishes out of the equation. You truly start enjoying, both your work as well as your lunch.



Either love what you do, or do what you love.

If you can’t love it, leave it!





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