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The journey from bed to dinner table



Few months back, my grandma came home. My dad and uncles are 3 siblings and she lives with all 3 of them for 3-4 months each, so that she can get a change of environment once in a while and all of us can get the opportunity of being with her. As she recently got her knee replacement surgery done, this time when she came, she had great difficulty in moving.

“Dinner is ready, Grandma”, I said.

Grandma: “Ah, son. Can you help me standing from bed? My legs do not seem to move”.

Me: “sure granny”.

I supported her in getting up, but her left, lower leg would not just raise. She tried to stand and the lower leg did not just stick to ground. Her entire body started shivering badly.

She: “I can’t move. Get me dinner here in the bed”.

Me: “But granny, doctor has advised that you should move. Let’s try again. Don’t worry, I’m with you.  I’ll take you to the dinner table.”

We tried again. This time she sticked  her right leg to the ground somehow.  I started taking her to the dinner table. She was walking only on one leg, almost crippling as the lower part of her left leg wasn’t just sticking, no matter how much she attempted.

It took us 20 minutes to cover 50 meters of a distance from bed to the dinner table.


I literally burst into tears by looking at her plight. I started thinking, how much do we take for granted that we have, even simple things as the ability to walk.

Think for a moment all the very simple things, abilities and skills that we’ve got, what if we didn’t have these?

Imagine the life if you did not have the ability to read and write.  You were not reading this blog post on the first place. How difficult it had become to commute without reading your bus number, destination you’ve reached or even working if your job involves reading as it would most likely be.


If we look around, there are so many people dealing with various challenges such as those who are unable to walk, unable to see, unable to speak, unable to listen, unable to think/analyse intellectually or even unable to read/write for that matter. If we imagine ourselves in their situation for a moment, we’ll realize how much we take what we have for granted, thinking that what we’ve got is always going to be there.

Don’t know how many times I might have walked from bed to the dinner table throughout the day. She as well was perfectly able to walk the last time, but it became a huge challenge for her this time.


In life, everyone has his/her own unique challenges, which at times may look/sound/feel extremely normal and sometimes even ridiculous to others.

Take employment for example.

Some have challenge to get a decent job.

Some have got the job but it’s not what they love.

Some have a job that requires them to work long hours.

Some have a great job but really irritating people.

Some have great job, great people but too little money being paid to them.

Some have great job, great people, plenty of money but bad health.

Some have great job, great people, plenty of money, healthy body, but a stressful personal life.

Some have great job, great people, plenty of money, healthy body, wonderful personal life but frequent electricity/internet disconnection/cut down.


And that’s just in the context of job.

In life, all of us, no matter what we do and where we are, there’s a set of problems, challenges and issues to deal with. These problems, difficulties and issues are often very unique to our situations and do not necessarily equate with the problems that others are facing.

How many times have you compared your life with others and thought that there life is way better than yours?

The friend who got a handsome boyfriend. The neighbour who has bigger car. The colleague who is being paid more. Competitor who has more clients, so on and so forth.

Yes, they’ve got something you don’t have and is perhaps better than what you got, but while you’re comparing, think for a moment what you have that you’re ignoring/taking for granted.

Think about the books that you’ve read and they haven’t. Think of the unique talent you’ve got. Think of the wonderful relationships you have.

Yes you have all the rights to get where they are, but it’s important to know the gifts you have got, without which you were not able to live even the life you’re living right now. If you list down carefully, you’ll find that there’s so much you have that’s more than enough to call you rich, skilled, talented and amazing, even if you thought you were in worst situation ever.

“The more often we see the things around us – even the beautiful and wonderful things – the more they become invisible to us. That is why we often take

for granted the beauty of this world: the flowers, the trees, the birds, the clouds – even those we love. Because we see things so often, we see them less

and less.

–Joseph B. Wirthlin


Don’t take what you have for granted. Appreciate them. Improve upon them. Love the things you got. Realize the awesome weather you’re able to live in. Love the people there are in your life. Love the relationships you have. Cherish the love, affection and care you get.



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