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Its your turn now!



“Spread around the boundaries, guys, we gotta catch him somehow”, he said.

Sachin had  come to bat. I’ve heard a lot about him.

Not only was his name sachin  but he was considered to be the sachin tendulkar of our colony, except that he was tall, Almost 5.5 feet while he was only 15. I might have   been even younger, 12-13 something, I guess.

I was freshly selected for the colony cricket team, before which I’ve been only playing at our home garden with bro and a couple of neighbourhood friends.

This was a newly made cricket ground, AKA empty land that we’ve turned into cricket ground.

Match was in an interesting situation. My team has already batted and the 4 out of 5 players of the opponent team as well were sent back. They still needed plenty of runs, but sachin was there still, last but the most strongest.


As captain ordered, we stood around the boundary and jeetu begun to bowl sachin. As he was known for, sachin started hitting hard, almost crushing our fielding, with his shorts getting not even close in our reach despite of spreading on the boundary line.

Jeetu, who was the best bowler of our team was outcasted, so the captain bowled himself, but met with even worst results (resulted even more runs than jeetu did).

I wanted to bowl too, but being a newbie in the team, no one, including captain wanted to let me bowl in that tight and crucial moment.

“I’d like to bowl too, captain”, I said.

Captain: “Don’t you see we’re already in such a tight situation? newbie kid like you would not be able to handle sachin. He’s already crushing even best of our bowlers”.

Two more of my team’s players tried their luck but sachin was in no mood to get out and had only been hitting hard instead.

I said again “Captain, I think I can do something. Please give me just one opportunity!”

Captain: “I told you, man. You don’t fit to bowl in this situation. I can’t let the match go out of our hands by making this mistake of letting you bowl in such crucial moments”.

I was indeed newbie, possibly even youngest amongst all the team mates, so I couldn’t complain.


We continued playing and continued being the victim of sachin’s brutal attacks.  As everyone tried and failed miserably, I said again “Captain, Can I bowl just a few balls please? Everyone else have tried and I wanna try too”. He didn’t hear me perhaps. More overs  passed with no results and continuing runs, and then Miracle happened!  Captain suddenly said: “Prateek, Its your turn now”.

I was shocked. This was unbelievable as they only needed 8 runs and captain asked me to bowl.  Am I dreaming, I thought.

I was wondering this could be the last over of the match. Sachin only needed two hits and the match could get over.

Captain said again, A little louder this time: “Its your turn now, Prateek”!


So I begun bawling, with my hands shaking, wondering what to do.

First ball – Dot ball! Everyone, including opponent team members a plodded.

Second ball – Sachin played gently and taken two runs while we could find and take hold of the ball before it could cross the boundry.

So they were only 6 short of win, meaning that my third ball could prove to be the last one of the match.

Captain told: “Prateek, do some magic, man. Its perhaps the last chance”.


I thrown my third ball and oh no! My ball has hit  middle stump, sachin was clean bold!

This was unbelievable. We won the match that was looking so obviously lost. I just crushed at my turn!

Captain came to hug me. My team almost lifted me in their arms, even opponent team, including sachin himself congratulated and I, who was a non-fit for even delivering single ball suddenly became star of the evening!


That was the matter of a cricket match, but this is what happens in life too.

In life, many of us, no matter what we do and where we are, we get to hear the statements like:

“People who look like you aren’t qualified to do this work.”

“Your resume is thin.”

“You don’t know the right people.”

“You won’t be able to do this”

“You’re too young/too old to take this one on”

“You’re fat/ugly/disable, so you can’t do this”

“Your ideas are funny. They won’t work ever”

So on and so forth.


So many people say no to us, reject us, mock at us and disapprove our ideas.

We hear these lines so lot and so often that   we begin to believe them. We start thinking that there’s something insanely, terribly wrong with us, that we’re not capable of doing so or even that’s “god’s” written fate for us.

We accept all that they’re saying and settle down for a life of mediocre, and the journey ends there.


Sometimes, though, we do get lucky like I got. We’re given the chance, our turn to bowl giants like sachin comes, which is when we can crush and make a success like it happened to me. But that’s the problem. Finding our turn to bowl is a matter of luck or if some people are really amazing who believe in us and our ideas, which is something that happens very rarely, at least with most of us.

So are the abilities, skills, ideas, talent and confidence dependent on approval of others?

How is it then that some people, despite of constant rejections, denials, disapprovals and failures manage to repeatedly bounce back, find their turn and make their mark?


Being an entrepreneur who has keen interest in starting and scaling businesses, I often come across business ideas that I know are insanely profitable. I look at various people who are incredibly successful, which is when I start finding myself nowhere, considering that I do not usually have the knowledge, skills and specially financial resources to even think about competing with people who have so much of fame, money, connection and expertise. This has happened in past so many times and while I kept finding myself non-worthy/non-capable, I saw in front of my eyes the people who had the same fears as I had and similar or sometimes more challenges that I had, yet they begun and become success like the big guys I used to admire and feel scared from competing.


Unlike cricket match, in life you need not to be on the mercy/approval of captain to give you the turn.

No matter how many people have started and succeeded the business idea before that you’re thinking about. They’ve all begun from somewhere and its your turn now!

Enough of your boss kept you waiting for the promotion you’re expecting. There plenty of people who’ve reached where you want to and its your turn now!

The flights to your dream holiday destination takes off every so often. So many went there and its your turn now!

So many people make their romantic relationships happen despite of initial denial/disapproval from parents. Many such couple have tied the knots and its your turn now!


Whatever it is that’s scaring you, challenging you, stopping you, holding you, perplexing you….

Get out of the rut. Stop the grind. Unstuck yourself.

Its your turn now, and Its always your turn!


So, how would you like to use your turn then?



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