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If life was a Smartphone?


What if the life was a smartphone?

Well it already is for that matter. From wake up alarm to good night kiss to girlfriend (Via whatsapp), connectivity, communication, updates, travel and what not. Smartphone’s are unarguably the most personal, intimate, closest and the most important part of our lives.

They guard our secrets, connect us to people, remembers the things important to us, helps us finding answers to almost any questions and promise that we never need be alone, ignored, bored or lost.

While for a lot of us smartphone have almost become an inseparable thing that is near to synonym of   what we perceive the current life is, this is not what I’m talking about.

What I’m talking about is rather more profound, in fact.

Imagine that life and existence were a smartphone.  I don’t mean this literally (necessarily) but as a useful analogy to help us form theories and to think about things in a different way.

Smartphones are found in so many models and designs, and so as life. Like we humans have brains to store and process information, smartphones as well have ram, rom and processors, so there’s not much of a difference either.


Looking at smartphone, how easy and effortless is it to change any settings in order to make them work best in accordance with your likings and purposes. Turning off notifications that you don’t want to hear, setting up reminders for the things that are important to you, saving, deleting, installing and uninstalling anything that you wanted and so much more. Its all in your control and can be changed in a few touches/button pushes depending on what model you’re using.


While having all the various choices and options, the phone that you bought came with some default settings and options already setup/chosen for you. This is almost what happens in our lives.

The cultures, societies and situations that we live in, you have inevitably accepted so many default settings like common notions, beliefs, styles and expectations that constantly cost you peace of mind and other invaluable resources.

A lot of these default settings that you’ve been taught, programmed or forced to accept takes you away from your actual purpose of living and rather pushes you into the grind such as  9-5 office hours, everyday household work, traffic jams, monthly bills and all that daily bla.

These defaults make you feel like you can’t live without them – like there’s no other way. The culture around you puts pressure on you to keep these settings

Because they ensure that you fit in and you’re comfortable.


However, let’s think about it. Just as the settings of a smartphone could be changed from default to as custom as you wanted, life as well gives you options to discard your default settings and have a completely new set of settings based on your choices and preferences.

Just like you do on smartphone, you do always have the choice in life to save whoever you want in your contact and delete them whenever you wanted.

Like an app from  playstore/appstore, its possible to download any idea/notion/project, install in your life, play with it and yet uninstall if you’re not happy about the same.

Just as smartphone, in life as well you can turn off notifications from those who you do not wanna hear and keep connected regularly and extensively with those you feel happy about.

The only thing it takes is to customize the things around your life that are important to you. Unfortunately, the defaults are so much entrenched that they’re not even visible most of the times. Often you do not even recognize that there are any other choices available and this is where it gets stuck, stagnant, miserable, tiresome and stressful.


In life, all of us say and hear the statements like:

-this is not my cup of tea.

-This is how I am.

-I hate this, but there’s no way around it.

-I can’t possibly do that.

-This is the way it’s always been done.

-I can’t change it now.

-They told us we have to do this.

So on and so forth.


Before you say these statements the next time now, Think about it for a moment.

Is there really no way or are these just what your default settings (told by culture/people around you).

If you inquire this authentically and find the answer back with the realm of possibilities that exists, voila! You’ve got the treasure chest!

What’s now standing between your default settings and your desired settings is no one but you, who is still influenced and scared with all the pre-fixed, consciously programmed notions to make you live a life of mediocrity.

Whether its about starting a new venture, choosing an oddly career option, selecting the job of your choice, rising above your physical impairment, , learning something completely new, settling  to a new place/culture or inventing   a next generation technology that does not currently exists.

Life does not definitely have push buttons to change settings like you have in smartphone, but the possibilities to transform yourself from who you are to who you want to be exists in heaps that you can embrace if you just choose to go beyond the trap of defaults.

Others might force, stop, scare or deteriorate you, but that’s their default settings and you have a choice not to accept, if at all you’re willing to have a powerful and   extraordinary life than a life of mediocre.


Go, create your own custom profile, make your own desired settings, install your own personally preferred apps, save whatever numbers you want and connect with whoever you feel like connecting. The buttons of your life are in your hands if you choose to access them. All that you need is to touch at right place with right pressure and any option that you want can be activated!


What default settings are you struggling with? Comment and I’ll be happy to support you in customizing them!


  • Haha, Prateek, this article started on a humorous note for me but then quickly changed the sentiment towards the end. Very well framed and true to a very large extent. We all do need to know that we change our default settings and also if ever need be, just format and start afresh 🙂 Kudos!

    • @Ayush, Absolutely! Its so amazing how many things that we can learn in perspective from our dear smartphone. I’m so glad that you liked it. 🙂



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