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They say that the body is temple, but mine was full of blood

INR. Three lakhs! That was a huge amount for me (About $5000 at that point of time). All the services I’ve been pitching that time were small, not more than INR. 20,000 in any case. This was the first time someone has given me the opportunity to pitch sales for such a big amount and then the restaurant owner called himself and said that he want me to develop the software for his restaurant, meaning that the lead was hot.
I was in college, sort of 20+ in age, already lost virginity, but I didn’t know how to shave. Not sure what’s the age most men learn shaving, but I didn’t know back then and been only going to barber every time I needed my beards and mustash cleaned up.
I wanted to give my best shot, so I sat with my proposal, made an offer that I thought he would not be able to resist, practiced the words that I had to pitch in front of him and prepared all that I could to ensure that I give a great presentation pitch and get the deal.
I woke up early in the morning, confident about my preparations and excited about the opportunity and I realized my beards were unshaved for several days. Just I did not go to barber over the period due to exams and study schedule.
Oh no. I was looking horrible in the grown up beards and mushtash.
Michael Rosenbaum once wrote, “Though it’s a small price to pay, shaving my head has opened more doors than I ever thought possible.”
I did have a deep belief in that.
“If there’s something that can let him turning down the offer is my appearance”, I thought.
The meeting was 8:30, meaning I had to start from home 8:00 in any case. No barber shops would open this early.
I did not want to look horrible in the grown up mustash. I wasn’t going on a date, but the looks still matter, I thought. I in fact thought that grown up mustash and beards would rather communicate that I’m casual, which is the last thing I wanted to convey having prepared myself the whole night for this sales pitch that was for the biggest amount I was ever going to pitch in my life.
I felt perplexed, didn’t know what to do as the time was already ticking.
Thought about this for a while, and I finally decided to try out shaving my beards myself, for the first time ever, without any help.
I went to bathroom and took the shaving kit of my dad. There was a shaving brush, two tubes of shaving cream and a packet of blades.
I prepared the lukewarm water, mixed some shaving cream and soak the shaving brush. I then ran the brush on my beards diagonally. Then, I opened the packet of blades, took one blade out and finally began to shave my beards for the first time ever. My jaw was dropping. Hands were shivering, and then what I feared had happened…..
I cut myself.
There was blood all over my face.
I didn’t know what to do. It was almost 8:00. My cab was to come and there I was… In deep pain and full of blood.
Somehow, I got ready, took the cab and reached the restaurant.
I stood outside the restaurant holding tissue after tissue on my face but the blood kept coming.
When I got there, He asked me to start. I started my pitch but the blood wasn’t stopping coming out.
He asked the waiter for some napkins. He wet one of them a little and rolled it into a ball and put it on my face to stop the bleeding. I continued the pitch but he was only looking my face and the blood coming out continuously.
They say that the body is temple, but mine was full of blood
The area right underneath my mouth was bleeding non-stop and this restaurant owner who I had to pitch for the software of his restaurant kept picking up the falling napkin and putting it back on my face.
I was in deep pain and embarrassment. I thought I was going to cry. My words were fumbling. All that I prepared was forgotten. He wasn’t listening what I had to say anyways.
In fact he asked me to stop. He said he’ll call me back next week for the meeting as I’m not well today. I waited, and waited but that never happened. I called a few times and he told he’s busy. The deal was lost before I could even pitch my presentation and the offer I prepared that was irresistible according to me.

I still feel embarrassed remembering that incidence. Not because I lost the deal, but because the regret I feel of not caring my body earlier. I feel regret of chasing perfectionism that I was doing instead of confidently going with the sales skills and irresistible offer I’ve had.
It happens in our lives so many times. We realize that the tire is punctured just before going to that important travel. Sillender runs out of gas when we’re cooking for the anticipated guests. Pen/pencil stops working while we’re writing the exam… And then the chaos happens.
The chaos happens because we don’t give importance to the things, tasks and people that are important for our success. We get engrossed into our dreams and forget the fundamentals which, if not cared could result into cuts, burnouts and pains at one point or the other.

Often, we get so incredibly busy and immersed in our work and daily grind that we just completely overlook the people that matter to us. We entirely forget the promises we made to them, expectations they have from us and love as well as affection that we owe to them.
How many romantic partners run out of topics to talk and start feeling boredom talking to each others. How many colleagues on the workplace sit next to each others and spend whole day without uttering a word. So many married couples spend entire day in office and then sit in front of TV on the couch without even asking each other’s how their day was. When people talk about food for evening than fun plan for evening, when instead of reminding romantic times people start pointing each other’s mistakes, beware, it’s the smell of rat.
The same people who were so special, interesting and beautiful one point of time become boring, unimportant, intolerable and unattractive. We keep on being dragged in the daily rut and our near, dear ones keep on getting far inch by inch, bit by bit, every passing moment, every next busy day, and then, the day comes when blade of ignorance cuts off strings that It starts bleeding in the form of breakup, loneliness and incompleteness.
No matter how respected, successful and admirable we may be in our professional lives, no success can ever be enjoyed if you do not have people to cheer up, hug, laugh and cry with you.
The prettiest dresses and most expensive jewellery is going to be worthless if you have no one to look, talk, touch, fight and appreciate.
Don’t wait for the 11th hour when the people you love finally give up on you. Before the blade comes and cuts off your chin, before you start bleeding, paining and begin going to wrack and ruin, before you lose the deal like I did, start giving time to them, talk to them, express your love for them, care for them, throw surprises for them, share with them, listen to them, make them priority and make them feel significant.

“If conversation was the lyrics, laughter was the music, making time spent together a melody that could be replayed over and over without getting stale.”
–Nicholas Sparks

Make it a ritual to not only shave yourself regularly, but care and grow your relationship regularly, so much more than your beards because a slashed chin would only bleed and pain for some time but broken relationship can end up being teary, lonesome and painful for lifetime.
Put love, care, time, interest, fun and energy into your relationships and I’m sure they will remarkably transform your life!

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