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Your biggest dream is coming true tomorrow! Are you ready?


This happened just about October of 2016. It was pretty much like any other morning for him. As usual, he was making tea in his small tea shop in the streets of Islamabad, Pakistan. He was busy making tea and serving to his customers as selling tea was his         job which is how he earned his living most his work life.

Suddenly, he saw the vans  of media houses coming and queuing around his shop. People setting up cameras, shooting something. While he was wondering what’s up, a row of media persons gathered around him, asking him for giving interview to them. He got frightened. Didn’t understand what’s happening, only till he was told that he has become an internet and social media sensation around the world.

Poor tea vendor who is not very educated, wasn’t aware about the world of social media had just no idea that a Pakistani street photographer, Jaya ali  clicked his picture a few months back. She posted the photo to her 10,000+ instagram  followers and boom. It went viral.

Arshad Khan, who’s now known as the Pakistani ChaiWala (Pakistani tea seller), has become the charm of women from around the world. They find him extremely hot and handsome. He is listed one amongst Asia’s sexiest man, shot several wildly successful music videos, got a number of modelling contracts and even acting in a coming up Pakistani movie.



This may sound simple, but let me ask you…

Are you ready for your dream coming true?

Imagine your boss calls you tomorrow and offers you to be the owner of this 10-million dollar company. Imagine you get a client who is willing to offer you a million dollar of contract tomorrow. What if you get a call tomorrow that you’ve won in the lottery of your tooth paste company a free ticket and accommodation to your dream holiday destination. Imagine like arshad khan, you too get a queue of global media around your home, asking for glimpse an interview when you get up tomorrow morning.


Just imagine that the wildest, most significant dream of your life comes true tomorrow.

Are you ready to see it happening? Will you be ready to leave the current life you’re living and pursue your dreams on a full-time basis?

I have heard it said many times that Overnight successes are Ten Years in the making.  What if you were Nine Years and Three Hundred and Sixty Fours Days into chasing your dream?  What would you do if you woke up tomorrow to a life changing phone call or knock on the door?  Would you be ready?


For so many of us, the answer is “no” that we’re not ready just yet and that we need more time…

More time to think, to plan, to prepare, to learn and to make ourselves ready about it.

The irony? This “more time” translates into mediocrity. So many of us are pretending that we’re marching towards our dream, but we think that the time to finally get to the dream is not now. We keep on living in the trap of our current circumstances, we feel unready and not good enough, We feel scared of challenging status quo and the life goes by.

My question is, why not now? Why aren’t you ready just yet? Drop those excuses, my friend.

Trust you me. Age is just the number. Time is all about priority. Money is never enough. Nothing is never an obstacle if you choose to catch your dream than keep on drifting.

At this moment, you have this choice to make whether you want to keep on living life that you always lead or you want to shift into a new way and a new life.

The time to create the future you want is right here, right now. If you’re ready to make your dream come true, it’s time for action.

Start taking time out of your schedule to think, plan and act on your dream.  Share your dream with others. Talk about it in your journals, blogs and diaries. Learn what you think is holding you away.  Plan out what would your outfits be like when you’ll be giving that stellar TV interview. Plan, write and practice the speech you’ll be giving in the success party. List down the things you’re going to buy when you get that abundance of money.

If you’re not doing so, you’re not ready. You’ll then need “more time” and I doubt that’ll ever come.


The party is ready to rock. It’s on you whether you’d like to wear party shoes or keep on sleeping in your cosy blanket.

Time to re-write the future and transform your life is right this moment. The most significant dream of your life is knocking your door! Are you ready?




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