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The bag of chips is in front of you. How many will you pick?


I was about 10 years old and he was probably twenty-three-or-four. I was sitting on the railway  station with him, his wife and his mother-in-law. They were my mom’s friend’s family who we incidentally spotted on while sitting on the station waiting for the train to come.

He was sitting next to me, eating a bag of chips (Uncle chips). I looked over and he held out the bag.

“Like uncle chips?”, He asked.

“I love them.” I said.

I timidly took a few.


“If you love them you’ll probably want more than that,” he said and turned the bag, dumping a large pile into my hands.

I remember instantly liking him. He had a warm smile and had just generously given me half his chips.


I remember finding out that he was diagnosed with cancer.

He died within a few months.

I went to his funeral with my family. His wife  and mother in-law were crying so much.


I remember these events clearly, but he wasn’t actually there for them, only the  uncle chips memory.

I remembered him today. His family moved to a different city, so I haven’t seen them for years. It took me several minutes to remember his name, but I still like him. I’m still sad he died. I cried.


He met me for the first   time, the memory is just about this 2 minutes incidence, but what a lesson he taught. His words still echos in my ears. “If you love them you’ll probably want more than that”.

I realized something. It’s just not about chips. It’s about people we love in our lives, work we love doing, dream we cherish. Time, money, trust, belief, care, affection.  If you love them you’ll probably want more than what you get, and more importantly, more than what you give.

Look at your life, go deep and introspect for a moment. There are people in your life you love. Are you giving them as much love as you possibly can? Or you’re holding back something? Are you being timid like I was, in asking for the love you need (more than what you get)?

How about the work you do. Are you getting as much you want from it (financially  and  satisfactorily)  or you’re settled up for what you got? Are you giving your work as much focus, dedication and faith that you possibly can?

Oh and what about those lofty dreams that you have. The ones that brings sparkle in your  eyes. Are you doing as much as you possibly can to achieve those? Or you lost the courage, become timid like I was being while taking the chips from the bag?


In life, so many  of us are busy eating our own chips (busy in our lives, thoughts and stresses). Often we don’t give what we can to the people who matter, things that make us happy and dreams that defines our life’s purpose. We get timid, disappointed, ignorant or just so busy that we don’t ask for more than what  we got, and then one day, they leave our world– Breakups, ignorance or physical death.

Only the memories of them remain and we regret that we didn’t do that we possibly could.


Don’t let your dreams, aspirations, purposes and relationships  die (literally or metaphorically. Give them your time, love, care and affection, more than what you can, more than what they would want and you’ll be getting the love, care and affection back more than you think you could get.


Love them right now. Express your love.  Make them feel special. Throw surprises. Buy them gifts. Talk to them. Share with them. Do more than what you can do to get them in your life.


If you love them, you’ll want so much more than what you’re doing and way more than what you’re getting.

the time to act is right now, this very moment. Don’t wait to let them die and then cry at their funeral. Remember, the flow of your life is alive by the people, things and dreams you have. If you do not take action, the flow will stop. It’ll stagnate and all that you’ll have then is to regret, being  trapped with your own chips and even those would not taste as spicy and delicious that they possibly could.

So, the bag of  chips is in front of you. How many will you pick?

How many chips would you like to give away from your bag?




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