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The art of smelling bad


My alarm rang and woke me up. It was 3:00 in the morning. I got up and made my way   to the working desk, bleary-eyed but determined. Yawning, I sat down at the computer for this much-anticipated, pre-scheduled sales call with client in US.

I picked up the phone, ready to call the client. We were on opposite time zones and as he was client and I was the salesman, it was obvious that I only had to get up early.

As I began searching the number from contact to call him, a notification came “Battery 0%” and it got turned off.

Darn! My phone’s been really weird about charging the last few days.

Seems like something is off-kilter in the charging port. I’ve had to juggle the charger,

wiggle it around, get it in exactly the right place and the right angle for that elusive, all-important red light to go on. Last night I was sure I had

it angled just right, set it carefully on the counter and thought it was charging, but now it won’t even turn on.

I jiggle, jiggle, jiggle. I set it down, and that red dot fades into oblivion. Again, again. The clock was ticking. My client was given the time and he was a busy man. We got this meeting fixed after so much of efforts, I was confident to clinch the deal and now this. He was surely going to be angry with me, perceiving me an unprofessional, careless individual.

I tried holding the charger in exactly the right place, yet again but for no result.

I was so disappointed and my panic just started to mount as I just had no idea what to do. I could email client, but what would I say? Saying that my phone isn’t charging sounds lame. He in fact said that he will only be able to discuss on-call, since he was travelling and did not have email or skype call facility.

Here I was. Clueless about what to do and been feeling completely blank, utterly disappointed about myself that why did not I got the phone fixed/changed before as it wasn’t working well from the last few days.

It wasn’t just about the client I missed anyways. As the phone wasn’t starting at all, I needed a new phone, but   I could not even call anyone to ask their recommendation.  I could not even book a cab for office.

It was a Monday. My “To Do” list flashed through my mind. “I won’t be able to do anything. No WhatsApp. No texting. All those messages waiting to be responded to. I was cut off from the world.


While I somehow got a new charger and phone started to work after 12-13 hours, reflecting upon the incidence, this had been a great insight about how similar is our life and the way we deal with work, goals, friends and relationships.

Take relationships for example. Moore than often, we overlook the complains, expectations and interests of the other person and either completely avoid or quick-fix the situation rather than genuinely making attempts to address actual issue. This gives birth to resentment in the minds of other person and turns into blame, anger, hatred, numbness and sometimes goes to the extent of broken relationships.

Many companies, while in business keep on avoiding customer complaints or go for quick fixes and then one day customer gets frustrated. She does not just stop using the products but in many cases, ends up spreading negative reviews about the product and company which affects on the long term.

At work, many times we avoid the complains and instructions by boss. We continue performing ordinarily.   We take their complains and instructions very casually and that then translates into slow promotion rates, slow salary raise and sometimes even removal from job.

As employer, often we tent to avoid complains and concerns of employees and keep on oppressing them until they finally choose to leave organization.

In all areas of our lives, we continue being ignorant, casual and careless and then the situations go out of hands sooner or later.




There was once this mobile phone company called “nokia”. Remember? Every time I wanted to buy new phone, my search ended to nokia website or nokia store. I bought 3 different nokia phones and they were all amazing in terms of their features and design. Like any other company, nokia had the dream of growing further, making more money, acquiring more customers, hire more people and just get growing leaps and bounds as they were the biggest player in the market that time. Now? The company exists, but it’s almost dead in the market. No one’s buying their phones anymore. Why? Because they were not ready for change just then. There could not have been any better company than nokia if they embraced android operating system and   tapped into the Smartphone market, but they overlooked the opportunity. They did not smell the bad, could not sense customer demand and They kept on fixing and juggling until they got cut out of the world.


Don’t let that happen to you.

No matter how busy you may be right now, if your girlfriend is constantly complaining that she expects time from you, put out some quality and undivided time from your schedule right now before the relationship gets bitter. No matter how successful you may be in business at this time, Pay close attention to what your customers are saying and complaining about product. Address their concerns right now before it starts translating into loss of revenue and negative business reputation.

Look at the various devices, appliances, things and utilities you’re using. Check their health right now before they end up being unworkable and you get into an adverse situation like I’ve got in.


Don’t let your life go for toss. Wake up now. Open your nose. Start smelling the possible bad before it begins to actually stink.



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