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3 things I’m doing this year, Promise!


I was absolutely pumped about it on January first. I wanted to take my tummy down. I’ve decided to do cycling, yoga and exercise every morning. Everything worked well for first 10 days and then the alarm didn’t ring one day for whatever reason. Next day, I had to travel. Then I got some sales call in the morning. Sometimes, I just simply did not feel like exercising and here’s how, the resolution vanished by itself. I did not realize how December came like a blink of eye.

Sounds familiar?


It’s 2017. There are old sci-fi stories set in 2017. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, the basis for Blade Runner, takes place in 2019. That’s just two years away. It’ll come faster than you think.

Another new year. Yet again a time of resolutions, promises and motivations.


Most previous years,







While a lot of the things I planned been getting accomplished, some of my most important   resolutions broke within 10 days and I haven’t even bothered about those until December when I get to plan next year. This December, while planning the year 2017, I   realize that some of the things tops the list, time and again from a few years.

Losing tummy. Starting podcast. Scaling business. Becoming an influencer in the industry. Writing a best seller book.

These are some of the things I put at the top of list every year and then they somehow skid away in the rut of work, life and everything else.

I realized that I’ve been keeping on procrastinating those for quite a period and they are still the same way they were years back.

Finally,, I’m resiliently on the mission to change them, make promises about accomplishing those this year and that’s not like the promises I’ve made previously in the after party hangover. It’s   something eccentrically different this time.


My resolution is no resolution!


While the whole world was in the race of making highest and loftiest resolutions ever, this time, I have chosen to take a resolution of no resolutions at all.

As I have seen resolutions breaking all the times (both mine as well as other’s), I believe that most of these resolutions we make are made on the pillars of blind determinations and short of actionable plan that could be laid down for accomplishing them.


I’m doing these 3 things instead


This year, I’m doing these 3 things which I believe will make my life on the next level.


Setting up goals

I just said above that I’m not keeping resolutions. But I’m setting up goals.

There’s actually a very thin line between resolutions and goals (At least in terms of common understanding about both of these words). Without challenging it on definition level, I believe that resolutions are promises where you take some pledge, usually after being motivated or sometimes only because everyone and their neighbours are making them.

Goals, on the other hand touches you. Inspires you. Moves you. You can visualize your goals. You can dream about them. Feel about them.

They’re more strong. More personal. More measurable.

Here are my top goals for the year 2017:

  1. Starting a podcast and doing at least 50 episodes by the end of 2017– This is one of the things I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time, but been procrastinating, giving various excuses, especially lack of time availability. This year, my goal is to finally do it. As this is an entirely un-explored, un-experienced world for me, I have no idea what so ever how is it done. There are going to be challenges, resistance, difficulties, embarrassments, but I’m ready to take the challenge and accomplish the goal, come what may.
  2. Becoming an influencer in the industry – The idea of being influencer, hanging out with some of the very amazing people and making difference in the world really inspires me. I’ve been half-minded, somewhat cynical and always busy, perfectly not available to take up this one, but I’ve finally chosen to do so.
  3. Scale business 10 times from current state: Now, this one is lofty. 10x growth in a year sounds like fantasy. There isn’t a magic wand available after all, but then, it isn’t impossible either. It needs so much more work than what I’m already putting in. Better and stronger network of sales associates, much higher client retention rate, incredibly talented human resource, more focus and lot more. However, I’m up for the dare.


  1. Transforming my body and tummy– I, for a long time have not been caring my body. My tummy has grown overtime, because I’ve been skipping exercises, My work involves sitting and I just have not specifically focused on my body as well as face that has kind of become non-shiny with extensive work, crazy food and sleeping schedules ETC. This year, almost for the first time I’ll be focusing on my body, both in terms of its shape as well as aesthetics. The goal is to transform the way I look (I don’t know a measurable number to tell on this one, but transformation would definitely mean a big shift, not just a bit of different, just not more or less same as it is right now).





Forming habits

In the words of Sean Covey,

“We become what we repeatedly do.”


I’m therefore forming habits this time, that can make me what I want to be and make me accomplish the goals.

In line with the goals for this year, following are the habits I’ve already begun from January first 2017 and will be continuing at least till 31-december.

-Writing 500 words every day: I’ve been blogging since school time. Been writing on one thing or the other since then, but all my writings have mostly been based on inspiration, meaning that I have been only writing on days when inspiration struck. That did help in writing some of the most close-to-heart stories of my life which made me cry, laugh and rejoice. However, that limited my writing to quite an extent. I’ve hardly produced a totality of 50,000 words in counting despite of writing for quite a long.

Note: Only including publishable, non-professional writing at this moment. I do definitely write so many documentations every day, a number of sales letters, presentations, and a lot of professional writing that go publish for clients, but that’s something the part of what I do for living.

One of my virtual mentors,


Jeff goins

Who is a renowned writer, blogger and coach,   started exactly this way a few years back. He started with this habit of writing 500 words every day and he has become what he is, because he kept writing every day. This inspires me.

Thanks to jeff and his amazing formula,

I’ve therefore begun writing at least 500 words every day (more is never a problem). I don’t know what am I going to write every day. No heck of a plan what to produce that’s publishable and interesting enough for readers to be able to read, but I’m taking it up anyways. Let’s see where is it going to lead me.


-Cycling 500 meters every day:500 meters every day of a cycling does not sound like much of a deal. In fact that’s not very hard, but I mean, that’s minimum. Key is to get up and get on the cycle, which cares it gets to 500 or 5000 meters then. This is going to be very interesting as the year long of period would also include travel and I won’t mostly be finding cycle while in the flight or in a hotel room. I’ve decided that I’m going to do exercise in those situation, at least equivalent to 500 meters of cycling, if not more.


There are going to be more habits that I’ll form (those aligned with the goals) and I’m going to update about them here as the time goes on.


Establishing pillars


One thing that holds so much of us behind from achieving that we want is the factor of accountability.

Usually, we don’t share our goals with people. We think that if we tell people our goals, they’re going to ridicule if these goals are not met. This just happens the other way round. – there’s no one to check our progress. No one to ask, no one to get us back on track when we fall down on our promises, no one to help when we need something figured out and the habits break. Goals falls short.

I do not want that to happen with me.  This is why I wrote this post.

I’m establishing the pillars around me who can hold me accountable. Check periodically on my progress. Ask me why/why not I’ve done certain things and were those things aligned with my goals.

I’ve just chosen to be absolutely authentic and vulnerable with you today, and I need your help.

Would you help me accomplishing my goals and habits?

Would you become my accountability partner? I really want you to. If you choose to be one.

Please write comment or reach out to me personally if you would.




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